Friday, July 6, 2012

Crafty, crafty fun~

Whew! I've been going mad with commissions. :3 I'm pretty pleased with all the success so far, but I need time. >.<; I've got so many orders to finish, it's near insanity trying to finish them along with getting ready for a midterm. I think it was somewhat of a bad idea to take summer courses instead of going to canada with my parents. At least I would've been able to finish all these commissions faster if I did that. XD Oh well, I'm glad all of my customers are so patient. :3

Anyway, back to crafty stuff, I'm pleased with the new duckie I made this week. He's so adorable~

For some odd reason though, the picture on dA wouldn't go through so I had to save the watermarked copy. ^^;

Oh well. :3 In any case, this is cute little Piyo! X3 I'm excited to make more of him in different outfits. :3
It'll have to wait till after my midterm and paper sadly. :/ I was looking forward to being creative this weekend. Guess it'll have to be with words and memorization.

Well, that's it for now, so I"ll be around more often hopefully. XD;
I should organize this blog more or something...

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