Sunday, May 6, 2012

A lil cave~

As promised, though took a while longer again, here's the pic of his cave. :3

Sadly, I couldn't get the image from dA to work on here. :/

In any case, it's finals time, so I've got two more finals till my very short summer break. >.< And then it's summer classes. Bleah... I think I may be trying to kill myself secretively. >.<

Well, that's about it as an update really. Been so tired due to school and stresses and whatnot...
Oh! Forgot to mention I started weight training! :D I feel more fit than before, though I just started. XD Might be all in my head though. haha

Well, peace out everyone~ <3

PS: I gave up posting what day in the title. X___X It's just a little silly now.