Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 292

Whoo boy is this entry overdue. ^^; Over a hundred days since the last one.
School and things and my laziness just ate up all the time I could use to post an entry.
This one will be short, but that will be all right. It's past 11pm here, so I really should mosey on to bed in a few.

Henri is a lot better. :3 It turns out that the injuries were from his old plant and his darting around when startled as he slept (probably nightmare too, the poor thing. :( ).
He's loving the current as well and his new cave I got him for X-mas. :3 I'll post a picture in the next post when I'm more awake. ^^;

I've been a busy bee too, drawing and crocheting and knitting left and right. XD

Well, I'm nodding off right now, so it's bedtime. See you all around. :3