Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 97

I just got this lovely guy a few days ago. :3 his name is Henri, but I'm considering on renaming him, Henri doesn't seem to match him...
In any case I love this lil guy x3 he's a halfmoon betta male x3
I was hoping that I can get him a lady friend but it'll be a lil hard...


Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 83

Well it sure has been a while. XD almost a month. Not too much has happened that's noteworthy so there hasn't been one.
As of late my family has been rushing about trying to pack and get ready for Vietnam while I just started monitoring my diet and exercised. It's going all right.

I got an iPod touch last Wednesday so that also tied into why I've been mum about things. XD
It's amazing. I hate apple but I love their mp3 s and phones. Better jailbroken but there's no need for that with this lil guy I'm typing on (though it'll say iPhone on this blog, I assure you it's an iPod touch).

Today has been pretty bad but funny when my dad was knocked out and snoring like mad in front of his laptop xD (the pic above). Fun times. I would be killed if he knew. XDDDD

Anyway that's it so I'm ending this with a cute note my youngest sister left me and my other sis a few days ago.


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