Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 62

Got this meme from a friend on dA and I thought it'd be fun to type up. ^^; Might be a bit depressing at bits though. D:

Pre Conception/Conception -
Were your parents keen on kids? Very much so. My mom especially, if she didn't have complications, she said she wanted 7-10 kids. @x@
How long had they been together before your Mum got pregnant? (if were)? Um...if you include how long they've been together overall including dating...about 7 or 8 years? o.o They got married and had me about two years later when she was 22. Haha...she had me at the age I am right now...damn, that's a scary thought. D:
Were you planned? I...was their love child. X____X So I believe I was planned.
Was it a pleasant pregnancy? Was there any complications? I believe it was a pleasant one. o.o

- Birth -
How much did you weigh? I was sorta small, around 6 pounds 7 ounces or so. ^^;
Were you early, on time or late? By how much? I was a day late. XDD I tortured my mom for a day apparently. Her water broke the day before and I refused to get out till the next day. XD
Were you a healthy baby? Yep. :3 Hell, I had my eyes opened and was smiling. O.O and it's not one of those reflexive smiles babies have.
Did you have any hair? I think so. XD;
Was your Dad there at your birth? XD; My mom chased him out of the delivery room. haha....
What time were you born at? 8:20pm :3
How long after you were born did you go home with your Mum? Three days I guess? o.o Isn't that the usual amount of time?

0--1 Years Old

Did you cry a lot as a baby? Nope, I was all smiles. :3 I was called the 'Happy Baby'. ^^
Did your parents have any other kids at this time? How old? Nope, not yet. :3 I was the only baby on my mother's side of the family.
If so, what did the other children think of you? What children? :3
Where did you live at this time? I believe with my grandma and my uncles. ^^ We're a giant family in a lil house. I think my parents already have an apartment though.

Ages 1 and 2
How old were you when you first began to crawl? I have no idea. ^^; I think I was a late lil one though.
How old were you when you first began to walk? Pretty late, but not too late. ^^
How old were you when you first began to talk? I have no idea. XDD
Did you grow out of clothes fast? XD I believe most children do at this time.
Did you have a dummy/pacifier? I have no idea. XD
Were you known to stick random objects in your mouth? I don't think so. o.o I'm not sure though.

Age 3
Where were you living at this time? In the Cedar Riverside apartments in Minneapolis as well as weekdays (I think) at my gram's in north Minneapolis. Yes, that neighborhood. D:
How many teeth did you have by now? I have no idea. XD My parents didn't say.
Were you a loud or quiet toddler? Quite honestly, I think I was annoying. XD
Did you have any other 'little friends' to play with? Nope, I was alone.
What kind of toys did you like? Giant lego blocks, dolls, stuffed animals? o.o

Age 4
Did you have any new brothers or sisters? How old and names? Yep, two little sisters. :3 Tammy, 1, and Thanh, just born. ^^
What words did you find hard to say? XD anything outside my vocabulary.
What did you like to do for fun? Playing street fighter with my uncles and aunt and going to the park as well as play with Tammy and some lego-like blocks. :3 haha, already a gamer. XD
Were you in preschool? Who were your friends there? I was in headstart. :/ So I guess it's like preschool...
Did you have any pets? What were they? My parents had fish when we were little. o.o

Age 5
Was this the year you started school? No. ^^; I dunno. Foggy time period, I don't remember much.
What was your favourite thing to do at school, if you went? Recess. =w= definitely.
What was your best friends name at this point? I...don't remember.
Did you have a favourite TV show? What was that? I have no idea. XD Tom and Jerry? I love that show
What did you like doing with your Mum? How about your Dad? I loved it when we went to the lake. :3

Age 6

How long was your hair? Long enough I think. o.o down the middle of my back by now I think.
Were you enjoying school? Not...really...I moved to Burnsville halfway through and was the only asian, and stuff happened. X___X
What did you like doing in school? Music class and recess. X___X art was all right, but my teacher kept calling my name wrong.
Did you have a best friend? What was their name? I don't remember her name, but she moved after this year.
How far away was school from your house? 3 minutes away by car, so less than a mile, but more than 3/4.
Did you ever have friends over? Nope, I didnt' really have any friends unless you count the neighborhood kids that were here.
What was your bedroom like? I shared it with my grandma, so it was a giant king size bed with a headboard and a dresser. Pretty empty now I think about it. XD
What did you think you wanted to be when you were "grown up"? An artist. ^^

Age 7
Did you have any new pets since I last asked? Names/types? Nope, didn't have any at this time. ^^;
Did you still enjoy school? It was all right. Not too good but not too bad.
Were you close to your parents?   I was pretty close.
Were you an outdoorsy type or an indoorsy type? I was an outdoorsy type. X3
Were you quiet, outgoing or somewhere inbetween?  I was pretty quiet. o.o

Age 8
Was the best friend mentioned above, still your best friend? No, she moved away.
Were you still into the same toys as you were at 4? Nope. ^^ I stopped playing with barbies. :3
What was your favourite programme? I honestly don't remember. o.o Maybe the good stuff from back then. :3
Did you have friends over to your house? Sometimes I have a friend in the neighborhood come over for fun. :3
Did you go over to your friends house? A few times, my parents were too paranoid to let me go out much. Even now.
Had you had your first crush by then? Good gosh, no, not yet. D:
Were you talkative in class? Nah, I was and am very shy. X___X

Age 9
What was your favourite TV show? POKEMON!!!!!! 8DDDD I think it started around when I was 9. =w=
What was your favourite movie? I don't know. XD Any Disney movies I guess?
What was your favourite food and drink? American food for sure. ^^;
Did you have any more siblings since I last asked? Nope. :P
Had you gone on a family vacation yet? Where to? Yep, Vietnam to visit my family.

Age 10
Was your best friend the same one as mentioned above still? If no, who? I didn't really have a best friend.
Were you still in the same school as mentioned above? Yup.
How close was the nearest shop from your house? There's a strip mall down the street from my place. ^^
What was your favourite game/activity to do after school? Play outside, or watch pokemon or play with my sisters. :3
What was your favourite subject at school? Art? I dunno. XD Science is awesome though. :3
Were you talkative in class, or quiet? Quiet. X___X
Had you had a big falling out with any of your friends at this age? Hard to do so when I only have one friend each year. :/ I don't fit in.
Had you lost a good friend at this age? Loooong ago.
What was family life like at this age? There've been some arguments, so the family isn't as close as it was.

Age 11
Were you still at the same school as asked last? Yep
Did you have any new friends? Yeah, but apparently they were the losers? D: I didn't think they were. 
What was your favourite subject in school? Don’t really have one actually. O.o
Did you have anyone who picked on you? Who? Nope, none. ^^ I was…violent, and a total tomboy. XD
Did you have any sleepovers? Nope, my parents were too paranoid to let me go to any, thusly, no buds. :/  
What did you like to do for fun? I don’t remember, maybe play with my sisters?
Did you have one best friend? Yep, but he moved after that year. It keeps happening. X___X
What were you well known for in school? Being a tomboy that could beat you up if you pissed me off. XD Also as a bookworm.

Age 12
What was your favourite subject? Band. =w= Definitely band.
Did you have any new siblings? If so, how old/names? Nope~
What was your favourite activity for after school? Chilling at home really. ^^;
Were you involved in any afterschool clubs? If so, what? Nope.  
Where you close to your parents? Pretty close. :3
Did you have a celebrity crush? If so, who? Didn’t have one. XD
Had you had your first kiss yet? If so, who? Nah, not at all. XDD

Age 13
What was your favourite subject? Hm…Biology and Band I think.
What was your least favourite subject? Probably…gym…X___X
What did you like to do during your free periods/lunchbreak? Chill with buds or did homework so I didn’t have to do it at home. XD
What did you and your friends talk about during school? Anything really. ^^
Would you and your friends hang together after school? Not really. ^^;
^If so, what did you do? ----
Who were your best friends? What were they like? I didn't really have any.
Did you have any pets? Names/types? Fish. XD
What was your favourite TV show? Pokemon~<333

Age 14
Had you had your first boyfriend/girlfriend yet? Gosh no, I’m so late in that department. @.@
What did you like to do for fun? Draw. :3
Who did you tell all your secrets to? No one.
Were most your friends girls or boys? Mostly girls. A few guy buds here and there.
Were you rebellious? I started to be. XDD
If you're a girl, had you 'started' yet? I did when I was 11. XP
If you're a guy, had your voice broke yet? Though I’m a girl, my voice cracks loads.
What did you and your friends like to do? Talk about the most random things. ^^
How often would you and your friends visit eachothers' houses? Every now and then. :3
What period/lesson did you used to dread the most? Whichever has a test. X___X
What period/lesson could you not wait to come? Hm…probably FACS class or Band. :3
Were you 'popular'? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you slay me. XDDDDD
Were you close to your parents? Close enough….
Were you close to your siblings, if have any? Not really. ^^;  

Age 15
What did you want to be when you left school? I hadn’t the slightest idea. XD  
Were you in a relationship the majority of this year? If so, with who? Nope, not at all.  
What did you and your friends do on a Saturday night? Nothing. XD Maybe homework at our respective houses.
Did you have any friends who were like a sister/brother to you? Nope.  
Had you tried alcohol? Nope.
Had you tried smoking? Nope.
What was your favourite TV show? I still love Pokemon. =w=
What was your favourite TV Channel? Maybe PBS?
Who were you closer to your Mum or Dad? My mother.
What topics were you interested in that you researched in your own time? Mythology. =w= and Astronomy.
Did you usually keep track of your homework? Usually. :3

Age 16
What were your grades like? A’s Bs… yeah. XP
Were you a bit nerdy, a bit of a slacker or somewhere inbetween? How about both? XD But more of a slacker.
Did you go to prom? If so, who with whom? Nope.
Did you get invited to any cool parties? Haha, I hate parties. XP
Were you still best friends with the same people as 2 years ago? I guess I was. O.o Some of them moved away or turned too preppy for my liking. :/
Who was your oldest friend (as in, knew the longest)? Natalie. :3  
Had you lost your virginity yet by this year? Or was it this year? Haha, no, not at all. ^^ I hated guys around this age.
Were you learning how to drive this year? Nope. That would be 17. XP
Had you given any thought to what college you wanted to go to?  Yep. :3 the one I’m at.
Did you have a part time job? If so, what? Nope, my parents didn’t let me have one. X___X

Age 17
Were you in a long term relationship during the majority of this year? If so, with who? No, I was not.
Did you have any new little brothers or sisters in the family? If so names? No, but my parents were trying and kept having miscarriages to the point that my mom’s uterus didn’t survive….
Did you have any new pets? If so names and types? More and more fish. XD
Were you looking forward to leaving school or college? Yes I was. Anyone would after dreadful years at the High School with all those superficial people. :/
Did you have the same best friend as last year? Same buds, yeah.
Were you ambitious? Eh, I think I just stopped caring about now. ^^
Your favourite subject. What subject part of your favourite subject was your favourite (i.e. aviation from physics, cardiology in biology etc)? Hm…I loved the small areas within Psychology and the culture in french. :3
Were you anxious to succeed? Eh….Just did what I had to do is all.  

Age 18
Did you go to prom? If so, with whom? I did and with my awesome buds. :3 Otherwise, it was a waste of time. :/  
Did you have a best friend? Was this same as the last 2 years? Hm…didn’t really have one.  
Did you learn anything major about yourself this year? XD Yeah, I learned I was bisexual. Haha.  
Did you get along well with your parents? Nope.  
Did you do well in your exams? Well enough. ^^
Do you now miss those from back then in your school? Not really. ^^ There were good times, but some bad ones.  
Did you have a serious boyfriend/girlfriend this year? If so, who? Nah, I had a crush on a friend who happened to have one too but we were too shy. ^^; oh well…
Did you finally decide where to go to next? Yep. :3
Was this the best year of your life? Hell no. D:

What year was the best? Probably when I was 15. o.o
What year was the worst? High school years.
Who was your greatest friend throughout? Hm…dunno. I had an awesome group
Did you have a pleasant childhood overall? It was ok…
Is there anything you'd change? Tons, but oh well. ^^;

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 60

Il a été longtemps que J'ai écrit en français et je sais que c'est ne sera pas beaucoup correct. Hier, c'était le deuxième anniversaire et il n'était pas trop bon.  Je voulais que le jour soit spécial, mais il ne va pas comme prévu. Je ne veux pas en parler maitenant, mais je voulais l'ecrire. Il est amusant d'essayer d'écrire en français, mais il est difficile après une longue période. Je vais écrire plus tard quand me sens mieux.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 56

Well, I finally got a new bag for my laptop. ^^; took me long enough too. My sleeve that I had for the last one broke a year or more ago and I never got a replacement. X___X I also needed a new backpack, so this one is going to do very nicely. =w= It's a little too big for my laptop, but I think it will still do the job. :3 I can even fit my tablet in it with loads of room. *0*

Anyway, I was very excited about gettin gthis one. >w< The one in the picture looks a little small, but mine's HUGE. 8D and it's got soooo many pockets~<3333


Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 54

Today's been pretty eventful. o.o
My youngest sister graduated today, so of course it's eventful. But it wasn't as eventful as my graduation 4 years ago. XDD
Anyway, today was pretty nippy and overcast. Overall pretty nice to have the ceremony outside. Unfortunately, it started raining on us all. ^^;
People started escaping to their cars, leaving the graduates sitting and freezing their butts off on the turf waiting to get their diploma. XD
ahh...poor kids. :3 They were shivering and freezing by the end of it. X3 My sister was whining while we took pics. XDD

haha, so yeah, coldish day with loads of rain. ^^; Congrats on graduating little one. XDD

This morning however was pretty annoying. :/ Mom woke me by walking into my room and plopping on the edge of my bed and jabbering nonstop about her stomach. X___X Turns out it was gas and not another of her attacks. Either way, it was an annoying way to wake after a pretty bad night. :/
Speaking of night, I should shower and call it a day. ^^;
Gotta go to a grad party tomorrow, so i probably should get some rest. @.@


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 53

It's loads cooler today, in the 70s to 60s, so that was very nice. ^^

I tried to draw a profile view picture and kept failing for hours. It seems like that artist's block I had knocked me down so far that I can't draw something easy as that anymore. X____X
Well, I guess it's not much of an update, but at least I'm starting to draw again is a good enough one. :3

Well, time for a shower and then hit the hay. It's already 11:16 too. X___X think i'll sleep in in the morning whew....


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 52

Today. Was. Hell. The proof is above. A friend of mine took a screen shot of her ipod. X___X I thought today would only have 94 as a high, but nooooo even the forecast lies!!! DX I've checked on news sites and my sister checked the one in the van....
Yeah....that is just insane... (and for the benefit of some 102F is around 39C.)
Yeah, here. In Minnesota. For the beginning of June. X___X

Anyway, since it's been so hot the last few days, I haven't really done much but played games and started drawing and painting. ^^; I was thinking of working out this morning till I went outside and discovered how hot it was. X________X I...sort of don't want a heat stroke thanks.

But yeah, not much to update, but since my honey complains I don't update enough. XDDD
There is a reason. I don't want to whine too much. XD;