Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 14

All right, well, I guess this one can actually be used for today and planning for tomorrow. :3

I spent most of today organizing and tracking down notes to study tomorrow. Didn't get too much done I'm afraid, but at least I have a plan of action:

1. Find details on that stupid presentation/work on slides/work on what I'll say
2. Finish worksheets for the book thing for swedish
3. Study like mad for three exams's going to be hell tomorrow... i sure hope I can do most of taht too. :/ ugh... horrible....

Anyway, I'm going to wrap things up and head to bed since I'm exhausted again.

Good night all. ^^

Oh yeah, I'm thinking I should try doing a 24 hour comic. :3 I think it'd be fun. >w<


Day 13/14

Phew, I was beyond exhausted two days ago. XD;
Now I'm a little behind in posts and such... ah, it's going to drive me nuts....
But yes, I did get my laptop fixed, but there are two problems.

(I also don't know why it's doing the sideways thing there...)

1. The cables are fragile
2. The touchpad does not work.

So...I need a new laptop. :/ I'd like to be able to bring it to school after all....
I looked around on the web for a new one and I've got my sights on this one:

Unfortunately, it does cost that much. :/
I have no idea how i'm going to get that much money for it, and no one takes my commissions, so I think it will have to take me a year or so to get it. :/ which sucks.

After digging around in my piggy banks and wallets and such, I managed to find 180 bucks... damn, it'll be a long time till i can get it indeed....520 more bucks to go. :/

Well, moving onto something a little better. ^^
I realized last night that I didn't really have a dream engagement ring. Well, I had an ideal one when I was little of a sword design one, but now, I'd rather not have something like that... So, I designed these two last night. They're not exactly what I want, but at least getting the ideas down on paper helps. ^^ Granted...there's really no point to having a dream like that anyway, right? XD
Girls will be girls I suppose...They will always want a dream to come true, even if it won't. ^^;

Of course, being the crazy artist and Final Fantasy fanatic that I am, I fell in love with this:

I've yet to play the game, but I love the design. :3 It's Snow's and Serah's engagement pendant. By the gods, that's just so amazingly beautiful. ^0^ <insert girly squee of delight> Damn, I'd love to be able to design something amazing as this. :3 I mean, look at that blue in the center!!!! ~<33333333 designs are so plain in comparison...... back to the drawing board. ^^;
I've got a weird feeling that the one will have a wave or wind design....I don't know, but it's what I'm getting. :3

Also...I am soooo incredibly jealous of this:
So jealous. :/

Anyway, sorry for the girlishness after that bit of depressiveness at the beginning.

Have a nice day all, and I'll be busting my butt studying like mad and working on that goddamn presentation. :/


Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 12/13

Kero is fixed. ^^
And I'm exhausted, so I'll update later when I wake...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 11

The powerpoint presentation went all right today. I must say...the picture above says it nicely: "death by powerpoint".

Anyway, today hasn't been too good of a day, especially after running all over campus in the span of 15 minutes and dodging cars and people and bicyclists....and then more stuff....
Yeah, I just don't want much of today to be documented. 


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 10

Nothing too much today. It was/is raining all day and a crazy wind was blowing. @.@ I'm so glad I wore my trench today, otherwise I would've frozen to death. D: I ended up just carrying my umbrella too. :/ The wind was that strong. Heck, it destroyed one of my classmate's umbrellas.

The Swedish skit went pretty well considering we had not practiced beforehand and kept messing up. At least we made it up with hilarity. ^^;

Anyway, I'm much too tired to write more and I can't even manage to finish editing that paper...I'll just do it in the morning when I'm not so sleepy...

Good night~


And yes, that picture above is me sleeping. XP With my kitty beanie pillow...thingy...I can't sleep without hugging something. XD;

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 9

Well, it's another Monday. I really hate Mondays....
I originally was going to work on my paper that's due on Wednesday, but I forgot that I haven't transferred my schoolwork from my external hard drive, so I'm just going to work on my Swedish essay. It shouldn't be too difficult, but considering that my vocabulary is so insanely limited, it's going to kill me for the next few hours....

In any case, I tried out my bus pass this morning as I got on the bus, and I was so amazed that it actually worked! O.O But, being paranoid, I decided to just get that replacement bus pass. ^^; I'm glad it was free at least. But wow, I'm still shocked that my old card still managed to work. Apparently the water in the washer, and the heat in the dryer did nothing but slightly curl the edges a little? one sturdy card...I can't believe the heat did nothing to the chip in it. @.@

Anyway, moving on, I'm going to start on my Swedish essay at my little office here. Here's hoping the rest of today will be better than mot days have been this year.


Well, a little thing happened around 3....Apparently my skit group for swedish planned to meet where I was today. The sudden appearance of Sabine scared the crap out of me. XD And then Jordan popped up, which surprised me even more since I didn't think he'd join our group. Unfortunately, by the time that the last member, Karin, came by, it became clear that I couldn't continue holding the video call with my honey. ;o; Of course, the headset malfunctioned or something too so I couldn't hear him and he couldn't hear me. :/ Horrible....
Oh well... in any case, my group and I started planning out the skit (about a fictional day in Skansen in Stockholm. Karin suggested it. >.> ) that we're doing tomorrow in class and pretty much have it all done now. :3 All I have to do now is learn my lines, which shouldn't be hard. X3 I thank my Japanese sensei's for forcing us to do all those dialog checks. >w< This should be a cinch. :3

Anyway, I just finished one of my powerpoints, so all I have to do now is write out what I'll be saying for it and then work a little on editing my paper if I have time left over...or work on my Swedish homework....or both. ^^; 
Well, we shall see. :3 
Bye all and see you in tomorrow's blog. >w< 
(I still can't believe people bother to read this. ^^; even if it's just my darling. ;33 and a few buds. >w<)


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 8

So, this morning, I had a really adorable dream. Bear with me, this will be a little long.

I was walking along an empty street next to a meadow and realized that a little girl around 6 or 7, much like the one in the picture above though without a hat and lighter brown hair and blue eyes (for some reason) and the most adorable splash of freckles, was walking and skipping on the curb next to me. 
My dream self suddenly said "Don't skip on the curb, dear". Then she said "But Mommy, I wanna go see Daddy fast". 
I was surprised, but my dream self just laughed and said "All right, but be careful, ok?" The little girl then skipped ahead, her brown hair bouncing and her sundress swooshing about, laughing happily with a "Ok, Mommy~". Oh my gosh, she was so adorable~
We then got to a parking lot of a restaurant where she ran to a silver car and jumped up a few times to look in the window before running back to me and grabbing my hand and pouted saying "Mommy, daddy's not in his car." Where my dream self replied,"Maybe he's in that restaurant, Emma." Good gosh, I love that name. <3 It's so adorable~<3
So, we went into the restaurant and my honey was sitting there by the door waiting. :3 I wasn't too surprised when she ran up to him and hugged him going "Daddy~<333". He hugged her, kissed me and took us further into the restaurant with a big grin on his face.
Apparently a friend was owner of the place. I'm not sure. XD That part of the dream was confusing. In any case, we went around the place, with little Emma clinging to my honey and pointing at things with "Daddy, what's that? O.O". She had a blast in the kitchen though. She was a hit with the chefs. X3 She kept wanting to try and cook something too.
We left soon afterwards and was walking to the car when she said "Mommy? Daddy? I love you." and hugged us, though she was still being held by my love. :3
^0^ cutest way to end a dream, ever. Heck, that was the cutest dream I've ever had. <3
The best part is that I still remember what happened after going through the whole day. X3

The day was really good. :3 I woke up insanely happy because of that dream, and then even happier when I got on my phone's msn and found out my love was already on there. :3 It's so rare for him to be on that early. ^^

I pretty much spent the rest of the day video chatting with him and helping my dad install microsoft word 2010 on his laptop. :3 

Unfortunately, I just found out that I unknowingly washed and dried my bus pass along with my pants. Ugh. I sure hope it can work tomorrow morning though. :/ I did order a replacement though, so i hope I can grab that tomorrow morning when I get to school. At least it's free too. :3 Well, as long as I have this card with me. @.@
At least the rest of the day was good. ^^; 

Anyway, we shall see what's in store for tomorrow. Hopefully it's better. :3


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 7

Well, today was a little hectic. We had company over for most of the day, so I was cooped up in  my room most of the time. X___X I was so tired most of the time though and I kept wishing I could crawl back into bed.

Computer-wise, the day wasn't too great. :/ It turned out my cam didn't work with my linux laptop, yun. :/
So in a desperate attempt, i tried switching back to vista. holy hell on a cracker, that was  a bad idea. X___X
So, i managed to get my dad to let me use his extra laptop. :3 and everything works, so it's all great. X3 The only problem is the slow speed of it, but then again, everything's slow compared to linux. XD Hope I can use this for a while without problems. D:
Anyway, its' just a short and terrible update right before bed, but it should work. haha. XDDD


Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 6

Today's been a pretty good day. I brought Kero in to Best Buy, found that the price of fixing it is 120-150 bucks. @.@; I'm not made of that much money. In any case, the kid who helped us was Viet and was nice enough to refer us to a cheaper place. It just happened to be in Dinkytown. I thought it'd be an easy thing, since it's just right off my campus, but it's actually further. :/
I got a bud who might be able to help fix it, so I'm hoping that will go well. :3 It'll be next Thursday, hopefully. ^^

After trying to figure out Open Office Spreadsheet, or whatever it's called, I gave up and started cleaning my room. I'm still sneezing from all the dust and am only partially finished. X____X Clorox disinfecting wipes are very handy. @.@

At least my room is somewhat clean now. ^^

I just wish my computer wasn't broken. :/ I still love Yun, but I prefer to use Kero....Linux still isn't too loved by many companies, which is a pity really. :/
Oh well, hopefully it will be fixed by next friday. :3 If not... ahh... at the worst case scenario, I'd have to buy a new computer. :/

Anyway, I'm going to get more tissues for my packet and finish up cleaning. ^^

Good night everyone. :3


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 5

Today started out all right...I finished my paper in just 5 hours...and then got to class...and dropped my laptop right on the power port. :/
I didn't think anything happened till my next class when I discovered that the battery was dying. D:
I thought it was just the AC Adapter or the computer doing the weird 'plugged in, not charging' thing...till I got home and discovered the pin in the port was loose and broken. D:  (the metal thingy you can see in the middle at the pic on the top)

Now...I can only bring it into best buy tomorrow to see if they can fix it. :/ Ugh...this is stupid.....and I've had the runs all day too.... I think it was from the tuna I ate yesterday or the stress..but I had to skip swedish to go home. I'm going to bed after I finish this...I'm hoping tomorrow will be a hell of a lot better. X____X


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 4

Well, today has been pretty decent. :3 I had to print off a ton of paper for the research articles I have to read later for that second paper. I should probably be working on them right now, but I'm taking a lunch break. :3 Eating a sandwich I made and drinking a coffee I bought at the vending machine. X3
The coffee's a little watery, but it's warm and nummy and that's what's sorely needed on this cold day. ^^;
But at least I'm enjoying my lunch break in relative silence and warmth and with a bit of One Piece for entertainment. :3 My child psych discussion class today was on bullying. It's just horrible what can happen to the victims... I'd never want my kids, if I have any, to ever experience that. Thusly, they learn martial arts. =w= As well as the importance of not being bullies. Honestly, it does nothing but increase the aggression cycle. :/ I'd love to punch the parents of the bullies in the face with a sledge hammer.

So, I guess that's all that I can talk about for now. ^^; I don't know what else to add. Well...aside from the fact I'm missing my honey. :/ His mom's using the computer, so there's not much that can be done....


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 3

Gosh, I guess that time stamp I put on yesterday's entry was pointless. XD'
In the end, I managed to finish my paper this morning right before class started. ^^ Technically I finished 45 minutes before class, but tracking down references took longer than I thought, and actually formatting them as the professor wants is a pain. :/

In any case, I'm fully awake now thanks to the adrenaline rush I had this morning. haha, that was horrible, but at least I didn't need a boost of caffeine. :3 Unfortunately though, it's made me very hungry, so I'm munching on a sandwich. :/ I might end up eating the other one too. DX

Anyway, I've got more typing to do today, so I'm going to do that and wrap this up. :3

I'm hoping I don't end up with the same scenario as the comic. DX


Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 2

Well today started out all right, until I discovered I have no idea where my keys were. DX
I ended up spending half an hour dashing about and throwing things all over the place trying to find them only to sit at my desk in defeat.
On a whim, I decided to check the side pockets of my backpack (I usually don't put anything in them) and lo and behold! There they were! DX
Ugh, I haven't felt so stupid in such a long time. :/ Then again, I'm always misplacing things, so it's not too strange really...
On the bright side, I did manage to find it before the bus came so I didn't have to run like mad again. ^^;
As you can see in the picture, they're small enough to lose even though I've got a few things on them. ahh...stuff like to play hide and seek with me sometimes....

In any case, I'm at school now and going to spend the rest of the day writing this paper that's due tomorrow.
Honestly, the most useless thing ever, papers. :/

I'll most likely update this later on. :3


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 1

Well, I decided to start a blog. No real reason for it except that I think this would be much easier to keep than a traditional journal. XD So bear with me if you bother to read what I write. :3

Today started out pretty badly. Ever have one of those types of dreams where you wake up crying? I had one. It was pretty bad. I dreamt I got shot at my school by a mass-murderer, the cops managed to find my boyfriend thanks to my bit of paranoia that's on my phone and tell him what had happened, and he showed up at my funeral where my family and friends were not impressed. ^^; (Reason being that he still hasn't visited yet from Sweden.)
Well, that's all that I could really remember, but it was pretty bad and emotional.
So, I ended up waking around 6:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. Played a little bit of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 for the third time and decided to just get up at around 9:40 or so after another nap.
Sadly, I was still tired and had to escape to shower around noon and leave my guy hanging. ^^;
Unfortunately, that didn't help matters and now with it being close to 6, I'm exhausted and haven't really read any of the articles I need to to write my paper for my Abnormal Psychology class. In my defense, it's all very stupid. Interesting subject, yes, but the teacher is just horrible. One of those people who aren't cut out to teach. Then again, I'm hoping I don't end up like that myself since I want to be a teacher. Haha, now THAT would be ironic. :3
I have another paper in my Child Psychology class, which shouldn't be too difficult, but it's the same as the other one. Literature reviews. Well, 5 pages should go by pretty fast I hope....I believe both of them ask for that many at least. o.o

In any case, with tunnelvision and a tummy full of strawberries and yogurt, I'm slowly drifting off and ignoring the psychology articles.
I know that today hasn't been too eventful, but at least I'm recording what I did. :3
I really can't wait for the break. I need to recuperate from all the school this term. I swear that it's getting more and more boring as time goes on. You would think that people would try to get school to be more interesting to try and get the students involved. Oh well, I guess it's like with doctors, there aren't many people who are in it because they love the subject but because they love the pay. A pity really. :/

In any case, today is the 22nd month anniversary for my boyfriend and me. :3 I made him this cute little picture:

I know it's small, but I'm a little paranoid with posting presents up online if they're not on my deviantart.
But anyway, there was a badly written little poem right in that picture with the cups. I'm glad he did love it though. ^^ It made his day I think. :3
Well, two more months till the 2 year mark. ^^ I already have an idea what to make for him too, but I don't have the materials yet, sadly. :/ I should get it next month right after finals. :3

Anyway, I really don't know what I'm going to do after this, but I am so tempted to sleep. I actually might, but it's still so early. Maybe a nap is best. ^^

Here's hoping tomorrow will be better, though what with the papers due this week (on Tuesday and Thursday), it's sort of a tall order.


(I know Luna isn't my real name, but I'd love to change it to Luna. :3)