Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 190

Oh man, it's been 81 days.... X___X Well let's hope there won't be a repeat.

In any case, this post will be about my little betta. He seems to have something like fin rot I think, but I'm not sure. Here are the pictures of him (it's so hard taking pictures of the little guy):

So, you can see his tailfin. D: It used to be so lovely. ;o; I'm trying aquarium salt at the moment, and he seems to be all right with it, though maybe I should go with a lighter dose next time to see if that is still ok.

But ever since I got the new heater and filter, he's been hanging around them a lot. o.o

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 109

Well things have been pretty eventful. To the point I forgot all about this blog D:
My uncle just finished moving, my relatives are taking turns keeping me company, and I've been dragged all over mn. XD
I've also been experimenting with food. They all have been successful luckily. The latest is te one pictured xD it's ok, I was missing some things like the sauce but it was still tasty an I'm so full. XD my uncle brought me to a place called falafel king and now I must say I am in love with the dish xD

Anyway, I'm going to go clean up the mess I made.


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Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 97

I just got this lovely guy a few days ago. :3 his name is Henri, but I'm considering on renaming him, Henri doesn't seem to match him...
In any case I love this lil guy x3 he's a halfmoon betta male x3
I was hoping that I can get him a lady friend but it'll be a lil hard...


Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 83

Well it sure has been a while. XD almost a month. Not too much has happened that's noteworthy so there hasn't been one.
As of late my family has been rushing about trying to pack and get ready for Vietnam while I just started monitoring my diet and exercised. It's going all right.

I got an iPod touch last Wednesday so that also tied into why I've been mum about things. XD
It's amazing. I hate apple but I love their mp3 s and phones. Better jailbroken but there's no need for that with this lil guy I'm typing on (though it'll say iPhone on this blog, I assure you it's an iPod touch).

Today has been pretty bad but funny when my dad was knocked out and snoring like mad in front of his laptop xD (the pic above). Fun times. I would be killed if he knew. XDDDD

Anyway that's it so I'm ending this with a cute note my youngest sister left me and my other sis a few days ago.


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Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 62

Got this meme from a friend on dA and I thought it'd be fun to type up. ^^; Might be a bit depressing at bits though. D:

Pre Conception/Conception -
Were your parents keen on kids? Very much so. My mom especially, if she didn't have complications, she said she wanted 7-10 kids. @x@
How long had they been together before your Mum got pregnant? (if were)? Um...if you include how long they've been together overall including dating...about 7 or 8 years? o.o They got married and had me about two years later when she was 22. Haha...she had me at the age I am right now...damn, that's a scary thought. D:
Were you planned? I...was their love child. X____X So I believe I was planned.
Was it a pleasant pregnancy? Was there any complications? I believe it was a pleasant one. o.o

- Birth -
How much did you weigh? I was sorta small, around 6 pounds 7 ounces or so. ^^;
Were you early, on time or late? By how much? I was a day late. XDD I tortured my mom for a day apparently. Her water broke the day before and I refused to get out till the next day. XD
Were you a healthy baby? Yep. :3 Hell, I had my eyes opened and was smiling. O.O and it's not one of those reflexive smiles babies have.
Did you have any hair? I think so. XD;
Was your Dad there at your birth? XD; My mom chased him out of the delivery room. haha....
What time were you born at? 8:20pm :3
How long after you were born did you go home with your Mum? Three days I guess? o.o Isn't that the usual amount of time?

0--1 Years Old

Did you cry a lot as a baby? Nope, I was all smiles. :3 I was called the 'Happy Baby'. ^^
Did your parents have any other kids at this time? How old? Nope, not yet. :3 I was the only baby on my mother's side of the family.
If so, what did the other children think of you? What children? :3
Where did you live at this time? I believe with my grandma and my uncles. ^^ We're a giant family in a lil house. I think my parents already have an apartment though.

Ages 1 and 2
How old were you when you first began to crawl? I have no idea. ^^; I think I was a late lil one though.
How old were you when you first began to walk? Pretty late, but not too late. ^^
How old were you when you first began to talk? I have no idea. XDD
Did you grow out of clothes fast? XD I believe most children do at this time.
Did you have a dummy/pacifier? I have no idea. XD
Were you known to stick random objects in your mouth? I don't think so. o.o I'm not sure though.

Age 3
Where were you living at this time? In the Cedar Riverside apartments in Minneapolis as well as weekdays (I think) at my gram's in north Minneapolis. Yes, that neighborhood. D:
How many teeth did you have by now? I have no idea. XD My parents didn't say.
Were you a loud or quiet toddler? Quite honestly, I think I was annoying. XD
Did you have any other 'little friends' to play with? Nope, I was alone.
What kind of toys did you like? Giant lego blocks, dolls, stuffed animals? o.o

Age 4
Did you have any new brothers or sisters? How old and names? Yep, two little sisters. :3 Tammy, 1, and Thanh, just born. ^^
What words did you find hard to say? XD anything outside my vocabulary.
What did you like to do for fun? Playing street fighter with my uncles and aunt and going to the park as well as play with Tammy and some lego-like blocks. :3 haha, already a gamer. XD
Were you in preschool? Who were your friends there? I was in headstart. :/ So I guess it's like preschool...
Did you have any pets? What were they? My parents had fish when we were little. o.o

Age 5
Was this the year you started school? No. ^^; I dunno. Foggy time period, I don't remember much.
What was your favourite thing to do at school, if you went? Recess. =w= definitely.
What was your best friends name at this point? I...don't remember.
Did you have a favourite TV show? What was that? I have no idea. XD Tom and Jerry? I love that show
What did you like doing with your Mum? How about your Dad? I loved it when we went to the lake. :3

Age 6

How long was your hair? Long enough I think. o.o down the middle of my back by now I think.
Were you enjoying school? Not...really...I moved to Burnsville halfway through and was the only asian, and stuff happened. X___X
What did you like doing in school? Music class and recess. X___X art was all right, but my teacher kept calling my name wrong.
Did you have a best friend? What was their name? I don't remember her name, but she moved after this year.
How far away was school from your house? 3 minutes away by car, so less than a mile, but more than 3/4.
Did you ever have friends over? Nope, I didnt' really have any friends unless you count the neighborhood kids that were here.
What was your bedroom like? I shared it with my grandma, so it was a giant king size bed with a headboard and a dresser. Pretty empty now I think about it. XD
What did you think you wanted to be when you were "grown up"? An artist. ^^

Age 7
Did you have any new pets since I last asked? Names/types? Nope, didn't have any at this time. ^^;
Did you still enjoy school? It was all right. Not too good but not too bad.
Were you close to your parents?   I was pretty close.
Were you an outdoorsy type or an indoorsy type? I was an outdoorsy type. X3
Were you quiet, outgoing or somewhere inbetween?  I was pretty quiet. o.o

Age 8
Was the best friend mentioned above, still your best friend? No, she moved away.
Were you still into the same toys as you were at 4? Nope. ^^ I stopped playing with barbies. :3
What was your favourite programme? I honestly don't remember. o.o Maybe the good stuff from back then. :3
Did you have friends over to your house? Sometimes I have a friend in the neighborhood come over for fun. :3
Did you go over to your friends house? A few times, my parents were too paranoid to let me go out much. Even now.
Had you had your first crush by then? Good gosh, no, not yet. D:
Were you talkative in class? Nah, I was and am very shy. X___X

Age 9
What was your favourite TV show? POKEMON!!!!!! 8DDDD I think it started around when I was 9. =w=
What was your favourite movie? I don't know. XD Any Disney movies I guess?
What was your favourite food and drink? American food for sure. ^^;
Did you have any more siblings since I last asked? Nope. :P
Had you gone on a family vacation yet? Where to? Yep, Vietnam to visit my family.

Age 10
Was your best friend the same one as mentioned above still? If no, who? I didn't really have a best friend.
Were you still in the same school as mentioned above? Yup.
How close was the nearest shop from your house? There's a strip mall down the street from my place. ^^
What was your favourite game/activity to do after school? Play outside, or watch pokemon or play with my sisters. :3
What was your favourite subject at school? Art? I dunno. XD Science is awesome though. :3
Were you talkative in class, or quiet? Quiet. X___X
Had you had a big falling out with any of your friends at this age? Hard to do so when I only have one friend each year. :/ I don't fit in.
Had you lost a good friend at this age? Loooong ago.
What was family life like at this age? There've been some arguments, so the family isn't as close as it was.

Age 11
Were you still at the same school as asked last? Yep
Did you have any new friends? Yeah, but apparently they were the losers? D: I didn't think they were. 
What was your favourite subject in school? Don’t really have one actually. O.o
Did you have anyone who picked on you? Who? Nope, none. ^^ I was…violent, and a total tomboy. XD
Did you have any sleepovers? Nope, my parents were too paranoid to let me go to any, thusly, no buds. :/  
What did you like to do for fun? I don’t remember, maybe play with my sisters?
Did you have one best friend? Yep, but he moved after that year. It keeps happening. X___X
What were you well known for in school? Being a tomboy that could beat you up if you pissed me off. XD Also as a bookworm.

Age 12
What was your favourite subject? Band. =w= Definitely band.
Did you have any new siblings? If so, how old/names? Nope~
What was your favourite activity for after school? Chilling at home really. ^^;
Were you involved in any afterschool clubs? If so, what? Nope.  
Where you close to your parents? Pretty close. :3
Did you have a celebrity crush? If so, who? Didn’t have one. XD
Had you had your first kiss yet? If so, who? Nah, not at all. XDD

Age 13
What was your favourite subject? Hm…Biology and Band I think.
What was your least favourite subject? Probably…gym…X___X
What did you like to do during your free periods/lunchbreak? Chill with buds or did homework so I didn’t have to do it at home. XD
What did you and your friends talk about during school? Anything really. ^^
Would you and your friends hang together after school? Not really. ^^;
^If so, what did you do? ----
Who were your best friends? What were they like? I didn't really have any.
Did you have any pets? Names/types? Fish. XD
What was your favourite TV show? Pokemon~<333

Age 14
Had you had your first boyfriend/girlfriend yet? Gosh no, I’m so late in that department. @.@
What did you like to do for fun? Draw. :3
Who did you tell all your secrets to? No one.
Were most your friends girls or boys? Mostly girls. A few guy buds here and there.
Were you rebellious? I started to be. XDD
If you're a girl, had you 'started' yet? I did when I was 11. XP
If you're a guy, had your voice broke yet? Though I’m a girl, my voice cracks loads.
What did you and your friends like to do? Talk about the most random things. ^^
How often would you and your friends visit eachothers' houses? Every now and then. :3
What period/lesson did you used to dread the most? Whichever has a test. X___X
What period/lesson could you not wait to come? Hm…probably FACS class or Band. :3
Were you 'popular'? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you slay me. XDDDDD
Were you close to your parents? Close enough….
Were you close to your siblings, if have any? Not really. ^^;  

Age 15
What did you want to be when you left school? I hadn’t the slightest idea. XD  
Were you in a relationship the majority of this year? If so, with who? Nope, not at all.  
What did you and your friends do on a Saturday night? Nothing. XD Maybe homework at our respective houses.
Did you have any friends who were like a sister/brother to you? Nope.  
Had you tried alcohol? Nope.
Had you tried smoking? Nope.
What was your favourite TV show? I still love Pokemon. =w=
What was your favourite TV Channel? Maybe PBS?
Who were you closer to your Mum or Dad? My mother.
What topics were you interested in that you researched in your own time? Mythology. =w= and Astronomy.
Did you usually keep track of your homework? Usually. :3

Age 16
What were your grades like? A’s Bs… yeah. XP
Were you a bit nerdy, a bit of a slacker or somewhere inbetween? How about both? XD But more of a slacker.
Did you go to prom? If so, who with whom? Nope.
Did you get invited to any cool parties? Haha, I hate parties. XP
Were you still best friends with the same people as 2 years ago? I guess I was. O.o Some of them moved away or turned too preppy for my liking. :/
Who was your oldest friend (as in, knew the longest)? Natalie. :3  
Had you lost your virginity yet by this year? Or was it this year? Haha, no, not at all. ^^ I hated guys around this age.
Were you learning how to drive this year? Nope. That would be 17. XP
Had you given any thought to what college you wanted to go to?  Yep. :3 the one I’m at.
Did you have a part time job? If so, what? Nope, my parents didn’t let me have one. X___X

Age 17
Were you in a long term relationship during the majority of this year? If so, with who? No, I was not.
Did you have any new little brothers or sisters in the family? If so names? No, but my parents were trying and kept having miscarriages to the point that my mom’s uterus didn’t survive….
Did you have any new pets? If so names and types? More and more fish. XD
Were you looking forward to leaving school or college? Yes I was. Anyone would after dreadful years at the High School with all those superficial people. :/
Did you have the same best friend as last year? Same buds, yeah.
Were you ambitious? Eh, I think I just stopped caring about now. ^^
Your favourite subject. What subject part of your favourite subject was your favourite (i.e. aviation from physics, cardiology in biology etc)? Hm…I loved the small areas within Psychology and the culture in french. :3
Were you anxious to succeed? Eh….Just did what I had to do is all.  

Age 18
Did you go to prom? If so, with whom? I did and with my awesome buds. :3 Otherwise, it was a waste of time. :/  
Did you have a best friend? Was this same as the last 2 years? Hm…didn’t really have one.  
Did you learn anything major about yourself this year? XD Yeah, I learned I was bisexual. Haha.  
Did you get along well with your parents? Nope.  
Did you do well in your exams? Well enough. ^^
Do you now miss those from back then in your school? Not really. ^^ There were good times, but some bad ones.  
Did you have a serious boyfriend/girlfriend this year? If so, who? Nah, I had a crush on a friend who happened to have one too but we were too shy. ^^; oh well…
Did you finally decide where to go to next? Yep. :3
Was this the best year of your life? Hell no. D:

What year was the best? Probably when I was 15. o.o
What year was the worst? High school years.
Who was your greatest friend throughout? Hm…dunno. I had an awesome group
Did you have a pleasant childhood overall? It was ok…
Is there anything you'd change? Tons, but oh well. ^^;

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 60

Il a été longtemps que J'ai écrit en français et je sais que c'est ne sera pas beaucoup correct. Hier, c'était le deuxième anniversaire et il n'était pas trop bon.  Je voulais que le jour soit spécial, mais il ne va pas comme prévu. Je ne veux pas en parler maitenant, mais je voulais l'ecrire. Il est amusant d'essayer d'écrire en français, mais il est difficile après une longue période. Je vais écrire plus tard quand me sens mieux.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 56

Well, I finally got a new bag for my laptop. ^^; took me long enough too. My sleeve that I had for the last one broke a year or more ago and I never got a replacement. X___X I also needed a new backpack, so this one is going to do very nicely. =w= It's a little too big for my laptop, but I think it will still do the job. :3 I can even fit my tablet in it with loads of room. *0*

Anyway, I was very excited about gettin gthis one. >w< The one in the picture looks a little small, but mine's HUGE. 8D and it's got soooo many pockets~<3333


Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 54

Today's been pretty eventful. o.o
My youngest sister graduated today, so of course it's eventful. But it wasn't as eventful as my graduation 4 years ago. XDD
Anyway, today was pretty nippy and overcast. Overall pretty nice to have the ceremony outside. Unfortunately, it started raining on us all. ^^;
People started escaping to their cars, leaving the graduates sitting and freezing their butts off on the turf waiting to get their diploma. XD
ahh...poor kids. :3 They were shivering and freezing by the end of it. X3 My sister was whining while we took pics. XDD

haha, so yeah, coldish day with loads of rain. ^^; Congrats on graduating little one. XDD

This morning however was pretty annoying. :/ Mom woke me by walking into my room and plopping on the edge of my bed and jabbering nonstop about her stomach. X___X Turns out it was gas and not another of her attacks. Either way, it was an annoying way to wake after a pretty bad night. :/
Speaking of night, I should shower and call it a day. ^^;
Gotta go to a grad party tomorrow, so i probably should get some rest. @.@


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 53

It's loads cooler today, in the 70s to 60s, so that was very nice. ^^

I tried to draw a profile view picture and kept failing for hours. It seems like that artist's block I had knocked me down so far that I can't draw something easy as that anymore. X____X
Well, I guess it's not much of an update, but at least I'm starting to draw again is a good enough one. :3

Well, time for a shower and then hit the hay. It's already 11:16 too. X___X think i'll sleep in in the morning whew....


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 52

Today. Was. Hell. The proof is above. A friend of mine took a screen shot of her ipod. X___X I thought today would only have 94 as a high, but nooooo even the forecast lies!!! DX I've checked on news sites and my sister checked the one in the van....
Yeah....that is just insane... (and for the benefit of some 102F is around 39C.)
Yeah, here. In Minnesota. For the beginning of June. X___X

Anyway, since it's been so hot the last few days, I haven't really done much but played games and started drawing and painting. ^^; I was thinking of working out this morning till I went outside and discovered how hot it was. X________X I...sort of don't want a heat stroke thanks.

But yeah, not much to update, but since my honey complains I don't update enough. XDDD
There is a reason. I don't want to whine too much. XD;

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 45

Yeah, Minnesota's definitely bipolar. Yesterday it was hot and humid and today it's windy and slightly nippy. DX
But I do prefer that over the heat. O.o

Today's been pretty good. ^^ I got to spend loads of time with my dear and also got tons of grinding done on Elsword as well as got my lil sis into the game. >3
Hopefully she'll play with me often. ^^; it's a little lonely alone.

Erm.... i can't remember what else I wanted to say, but I think that should be good enough as a short entry. O.o;


Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 44

By the gods, it's hot!!!!! DX
Well, not really, but it really is humid. DX

Well, in any case, today's pretty normal I guess, even if it's Memorial Day.
Went to visit grandma, which was a waste of time. XP But eh... nothing new.
Anyway, i got to see my lil cousins, so that made me happy for a bit. :3
The humidity was so bad that we had all the windows down during the car ride. @.@; First time ever, I swear. And the best part is that it was muggy air. X____X
I have a reason to complain and whine, honestly, I can't stand heat or anything similar. DX It's only 80 degrees, but I'm dying here. DDX I'm not looking forward to later on in the dad still hasn't gotten the AC fixed yet. :/

Erm...well since it's night, it is a little better I suppose...

Well, ended up spending most of the night playing Elsword Online. I managed to screw up my first character's skill tree, so I just finished creating a new one and grinding like mad in the dungeons. X___X
I do love this game though. :3 It's so fun. >w<
Wish there were more people playing though. ;o; It'd be even more fun.... Oh well. ;~;

Well, time for a shower and then bed. XD; hope I can sleep tonight without having to dash downstairs.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 43

Know what I just realized today?
I'm a heck of a lot tanner then I was a few weeks ago. X___X

The reason behind this is that I've been working out outside with my mom and sister when things haven't been stormy. (which was every day till the last few)

I don't know why so many people want to be tan, but let me tell you that if you're always tan 24/7 you crave a change. :/ Unfortunately, becoming paler is more difficult than becoming tanner. XP It took me all winter to get paler, and it only took one day to get back to a healthy tan. X____X

Anyway, I guess I"m just complaining, but I realized that I'm tanner from that picture of me yesterday. DX

Well, not much else going on I guess. Just been playing Elsword Online most of today. X3 such a fun game. *w*
I really do recommend it. :3 It's better than Maple Story in my opinion. X3

So, I guess I'll just end this right now, I'm exhausted and need some sleep. Apparently I'm going to visit gram tomorrow. O.e fun to visit a grandma that doesn't really love you. *sigh*
I love my grandma in vietnam better....

Anyway, signing off. X3


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 42

Today's been insanely busy, even though I've only been up since 9 (about what, 8 hours total now?).
Let's see, I had to go to the eye-doctor's for a checkup today and there weren't any problems at all and my eyes needed only a slight change just for things to be sharper. :3

Also, visionworld apparently got a new lab put in a while back, so I got my glasses two hours after my examination. x3 It took forever to find a suitable pair too. My head's just too big apparently. :/
But here they are. :3

And here's a pic of me wearing them (I didn't feel like smiling/I was caught off guard/wasn't sure I pressed the button right):

They're purple, but it's a little difficult to tell, huh? But I love how comfortable they are. :3
As you can tell by now, I like purple. =w=

Yesterday when my mom and I and my sister went to visionworld to set the appointment, we chatted with one of the women who worked there and it's the weirdest thing to see her actually remembering us. @.@ It was so odd, nice, but odd. All in all, it was fun actually talking to people who don't look like they want to run out of the place instead of work for money. XD;

Another odd thing is how bipolar Minnesotan weather seems to be. When my sister drove me to pickup my glasses, it started to rain hard as all hell, and then proceeded to let loose 1.5 inches of hail, scaring the crap out of us and everyone else. It was painful to run through, let me tell you. XP
While in the mall and getting my frames fitted to my extremely asian nose, the harsh rain and hail hitting the plexiglass roofs caused such a loud din that it's insane. The woman helping me and I had to yell to hear over it all. XDD
The sad bit was when my sister and I got home...and the rain stopped 5 minutes later. Overall, that flash storm lasted only half an hour. @.@
Minnesota....'nuff said, right? XD

Well, that's pretty much all the interesting stuff today, so it's time for chilling and waiting for a movie to finish downloading. :3 I'm also missing my dear. ;o;


Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 41

Today was a pretty awesome day, considering I was gone for most of the day and was exhausted when I got home.

I went shopping with mom and my sisters and actually managed to get some clothes, which is a first considering how not a lot of clothes fit me. At least the ones I like in any case. :/ I'm seriously looking forward to wearing nice looking and girly clothes after losing weight. x____x

In any case, I got a T-shirt and a hoodie. :3

The t-shirt's very tight, but it does show off my curves nicely, and the hoodie over it also helps tone it down a little at least. XDD In any case, I'm excited to go shopping for more clothes on Sunday. :3 I need new clothes so badly it's near insane. X___X I only have at most 5 different outfits I wear....
I wish I had money for clothes, but that's something that can't be helped. I'd get a job this summer but I need to recuperate from a stressful year. X___X
And the thing about commissions is that even if you make it as cheap as possible, no one orders. :/

Anyway, I'm going to chill for a while and then heaad to bed or something. :3
Tomorrow's gonna be busy too. :/ Going to the eye doctor since it's been two years, but oh well. :3 I need new glasses. I think my eyesight has gotten a little worse....


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 40

So, I got the new laptop yesterday. :3
There were some issues with procuring said laptop though. ^^;

Like...Best Buy messing up and giving me a White one instead of the Violet one that I bought. ^^;
Normally I wouldn't care, but if I spent close to 900 bucks on something, I want my money's worth. :/
So, naturally, I was pissed. XD;
Even more so since it was in Apple Valley and it takes quite a while to get from where I live to there. X___X; Two trips is one trip too many. :/ 

But, the peeps at BB were good and got the stuff done and got me this lil gem lickity split. :3

Here she is~

The background's temporary, but I do like how it looks. :3

Here's the outside view of her. X3

Ah...well, she looks better in person. ^^;

So, yeah, as you can tell, this laptop, I decided to make a 'she' unlike my last two. Her name is Ione. :3 Yes, I name my laptops. XP
Ione (ee-oh-nee)means 'violet flower' and was a Neried in Greek mythology.

Anyway, she runs so smoothly that it's amazing, her touchpad isn't in the way like the laptop I borrowed from my dad, and the keys are soooo nice~
There's only a slight problem...there's only 3 USB ports when the site on Best Buy says there's 4... but oh well. :3 I don't mind. I only need three, though 4 does make it nicer. haha. XD

Yeah, I think I'm in love with this computer. XD; all I have to do is to save up for a proper laptop bag. D: I don't want any damage to my Ione. >.<

I've got one or two I've been eyeing for a while, so we shall see when I can get one. I'm also doing the smart thing and took the battery out and am running Ione on the adapter only. @.@ Prolongs battery life.

Also...The Geek Squad overcharges for making Recovery Discs (used to restore a computer to factory out of the box state). It took me an hour and a half (due to verifying) to make them. It...was so simple....
If I could do something similar but for that would be a nice way to rake in some money. ^^; Still wondering how I'm going to manage getting food this summer.

Anyway, I think that should be it, I'm falling asleep as I type. @.@

Hopefully should have an update tomorrow though. :3 I should try to get this be a daily thing again. @.@

Also....I painted my nails. XDD I got sick of the chipped black nails.
Sparkly blue. :3 Though it sort of looks turquoise...teal...sea-blue...cerulean...ish.... O.o;


Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 37

By the gods it's been 10 days since the last post. X___X
Too much stuff going on and I'm still not sure I wanna say... so I'm going to post a meme of sorts. :3
It's so you can get to know me better and also a way for me to be amused for now...or try to keep my mind off some things...

Anyway... without further ado~
(also color coordinated for my sake and for anyone else's if they hate seeing so much)

Basic information.
Describe yourself/personality in positive points: quiet, kind, patient, love to enjoy life and thusly live day by day
Describe yourself/personality in negative points: lie a lot or enough, impatient (believe me, it makes sense), childish in many ways, selfish, aloof
Full name? Nhung. That's all you're getting. :/
Nicknames? Kazu, Loony, Luna, Nhung-nhi, Noomie (and I will kill you if you say the last one)
Birthday? March 21, '89
Birthplace/home town? Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, hometown is Burnsville, Minnesota
Current home location? Burnsville. :3 or as we say B-ville. =w=
Nationality? Vietnamese-American, though I'm mainly Viet with a strand of Chinese of the Hong-Kong variety
Ethnicity? Viet
Sexual prefrence? Bisexual
Relationship status? Taken, but we're not doing so well right now... My fault of course....
Living situation? Mooching off parentals. ;3
Parents? Um...yes??
Any siblings? Two little sisters
Any children? Nope.
Any pets? Way too many fish, a Morkie, an old canary, and three female finches...i think.
Zodiac sign? Western: Aries /// Eastern: Snake
Your job/career? Working on becoming a high school Psych teacher
Completed education? Completed High School, working on a '4 year' degree.
Schools from first to last/current: Oh was in Head Start as a preschooler, I don't remember my first elementary school, but my second was Gideon Pond Elementary, junior high was Joseph Nicollet Junior High, and then Burnsville Senior High School. I don't know why they put the senior there...And then the University of Minnesota.
How often do you smoke? Never have, never will.
How often do you drink alcohol? Once in a while I get a little bit of wine when I need it...
How often do you do drugs? Never.
How often do you smoke weed? Never.
How often do you work out? I'm going to try and start once a day at least.
Do you have a criminal record? If so, why? Nope
Are you a virgin? No.
If not, how old were you, where did you lose it and who to? 21, with a very close friend I trust and at his house.
Do you regret it? yes and no. Yes since it wasn't with the one I loved with every bit of my being, and no since I know what all the hulabaloo is all about now.
Do you drive? (if so, what) I can't drive legally yet. XDD But usually I'll just drive whatever car I can, so a Toyota Camry (different years), Tacoma, and Sienna. I don't like driving the Tacoma. >_< Driving trucks scare the crap out of me.
Your fears/Phobias? Spiders, heights, crowds, dark places, being alone....
Your weakness? I trust too easily and give people so many chances and still think they're still the best people. I guess I just realize and accept that everyone are humans and humans make mistakes. There's nothing more a person can do than just learn and keep moving forward. Of course it's the learning bit we all seem to be stuck at...
Special talents? I can make high pitched voices, make mini versions of anything crafty (haven't tried clay yet though), and I'm pretty good at the flute.

Do you think you're beautiful? No, not at all. I'm lucky to be ok-ish. I'm pretty plain in my opinion. I also don't wear make-up since I think it's a waste of time and I accept what my parents gave me.
Eye colour? Dark honey brown-ish. In light that is.
Glasses/contacts? I own both, but glasses are easier to deal with.
Natural hair colour? Very dark brown near black.
Current hair colour? The same.
Hair length? Currently past my shoulders and curly. I'm going to grow it out again though. I sort of miss it long.
Skin colour? During the winter months, light tan, during the other months tan to medium tan. I'm tan, dammit all. :/ It gets boring after a while.
Height? Around 5'4'' or 5'5''
Weight? Around 200 lbs. I don't look it though. XD
Body shape? I guess I'm curvy. I'm not rippling in fat, thank goodness. >.<
Clothing size? Depends...usually something around M or L.
Shoe size? 8 to 8.5. my feet are wide too. >_< thanks for giving me your feet dad...
Tattoos? None at the moment. I'd love a few though. :3
Piercings? I'm allergic to all metals but steel, silver, and maybe titanium. piercings...but they're not used.
Birthmarks or moles? I have a giant mole on my wrist-ish. Dead give-away to who I am. ^^; I also have a mole on each ear I believe and a mole on the side of my neck.
The feature you get compliments about the most? Usually my glasses or my necklaces. At times my hair if it's a major change. Otherwise, I fit into the shadows so well I was walked into on many occasions.
Your favourite feature? My eyes and my lips.
What makeup do you wear? None, they usually itch me to death. X___X
Any special beauty products you use without fail/Beauty tips? Um...use something that protects hair while straightening it. It helps soooo mcuh. @.@
Any fashion don'ts? Anything slutty or from my parents' time.
Are you on a diet, if so what? nah, just portion control.
Have you ever had/wanted cosmetic surgery? If so what? Nope. Never wanted any.
Do you wear a wig/hair extensions? Wigs for cosplay and even then I never did I think.
Are your nails real, all yours and natural? They're real, but need a new coat of black paint. It's chipping. DX
Do you wear false tan or catch a real tan? I'm tan year round, I've give anything to be pale...
What would you say your style is? Comfortable and yet I try to let a bit of my...alternative side out. :3 unfortunately, I need more clothes. :/
Every women should own..? A brush or comb. Honestly, the nasty-ass hairdoes I see at school and on the bus...
Do you have a fashion fetish? Nope.
What clothing do you feel sexiest in? I don't feel sexy in anything. >_< Maybe a thong at best...
You'll always be found wearing? Glasses. ^^; I can't see at all without them.

Your beliefs on:
God? No such thing. I mean, a giant invisible man in the sky? Puh-lease. :/ Grow up.
Angels? Rather call them higher spirits. :3 They're awesome.
Demons? Dead people who don't want to stay dead. I pity them. :/
Heaven and hell? Mt. Olympus and Tartarus? ;3
Ghosts? Seen them as a kid. They're real.
Witches/Witchcraft? If you count black magic as what defines them. My family deals with 'white magic' so to speak.
The devil? Makes as much sense as "God".
Vampires? Dracula = amazing. Twilight = fairies. Trust a mormon to kill a mythological creature. :/
Miracles? Just unexpected things that's all. o.o Life could probably be calculated via math, huh? XD
Luck? I have the worst there is. :/
Karma? It's real.
Destiny/Fate? I think the Fates have the frame down and we just stumble along a dark path onward.
Time travel? Never mess with it. It gives a person a headache thinking up all the things that could go wrong....
Love? It finds when you're not looking for it.
Psychics? Hm...psychically inclined, I have a few friends who are and I am as well in a way, but not really.
Creation? Big fat man who come up with things while drunk.
Evolution? Yes, I believe in evolution, since it happens in front of our eyes and has been proven. Oh and Pokemon. =w= Pokemon *nods*
Your beliefs on the apocalypse, when and how? Either a giant meteor or the sun turning into a red giant, well even before then. A red giant of a sun would extend past mars, so we'd be gone long before it even reaches taht stage.
What do you believe happens when we die? I think our...essence is left, so to say....
Are you religious or spiritual? Very spiritual, but not to the point I'm a nutjob. Studying the psychology of religion would be interesting though. :3 Mob-behavior, mindless listening to an authoritative figure, oooh, the fun. X3
If so, what religion do you follow? Atheism then. XP
If you were to marry, would you include your religion? I was brought up Buddhist, but that's more of a way of life instead of a religion, so I'd definitely bring along the thought-processes. I will never marry a religious person though. Can't stand religion overall.

Your opinions on:
Abortion? What if you're raped and got pregnant? The person has a right to end the pregnancy. Who in the world would want to see the face of their attacker in their child???? Stupid fat lazy men in politics. Make them a woman to see what we go through. :/
Sex before marriage? I see nothing wrong with it really. Though, once a person is engaged, they should only be with just one person. At least in my eyes anyway.
Having children before marriage? It's fine as long as they can handle it.
Teen pregnancy? No, mother's not mature enough yet, the prefrontal cortex is still developing (which would explain the getting pregnant bit), and child would have some problems if there is no attachment early on, which does happen.
Mature pregnancy (40+)? Think of it this way: 
Down Syndrome: 
age of mother = chance of having a child with down syndrome at that age
20 = 1 in 2000 births
35 = 1 in 500 births
45 = 1 in 18 births

This is why I don't ever want a child past age 35. I don't want my child to suffer from social stigma and psychological deficiencies.

Birth control? Nothing wrong with it. I'm on the pill actually. o.o
Marriage? With many people, or at least with the media, it's a dime a dozen now. With me, I'd be lucky to be married.
Teen marriages? Much too hasty.
Open relationships/marriages? Not for me, but whatever rocks your boat. @.@
Polygamy/Plural marriage? Haha, no.
Pornography? It's funny. Though all the skeletal girls make me want to vomit. X___X
Prostitution? Been here for a very long time. I don't care too much about it as long as there is no forcing a person into it.
War? Been here for ages as well. We don't agree, thus we fight. We want excitement, thus we fight.
Military? I was thinking of joining the marines when I was younger. ^^ Don't want to any longer though.
Death penalty? With all the crap here, I think we need it here in Minnesota. At least that way people aren't inclined to kill so much and stuff.
Taxes? If you want good roads, good cops, and get nice things, pay up. There's no such thing as a free lunch.
Legalization of Marijuana? Sure. o.o As long as it's for medical purposes, if there's no ban on it, people wouldn't be so tempted to break the rules no?
Drinking age? Who really follows them in this day and age? Aside from my family. >.>;
Politics? A lie.
Homosexual marriage? I see nothing wrong with it. o.o
Homosexual adoption? Not like all heterosexual pairings make good parents you know. I see nothing wrong with homosexual adoption. It's also been proven that children of homosexual parents are more likely to be straight than gay.
Global warming? It's happening and only idiotic sods think otherwise.
Hunting? Hunt only what you need.
Equality? They say that there's such a thing, but then why are there classes?
World peace? Sort of a tall order, no? There will always be wars.
Evolution? Proven.
Religion? A giant bookclub where only one person decides on a book and don't change said book.
Racism? All we can do is accept it and pity the myopic for not maturing.
Cosmetic surgery? What you get is from your parents. If you don't like what you've got, then you're hating your ancestors as well.
Divorce? Divorcing is better than having high conflict in families with children.
Free speech? We have mouths. Shutting us up will never work.

Morals and values.
What is the most important thing in your life? To be frank, not to be lonely. I hate being lonely. It eats a person up inside.
Do you judge people, honestly? Who doesn't? We all judge, it's a normal thing.
Do you strive to fit in, follow the crowd? No. I do my own thing. I don't care too much about following a crowd.
Do you think you are especially opinionated? Nope. I'm not conceited.
How much money makes happiness? There are studies going on about happiness, and psychologists discover that relationships make us happy. If we don't get relationships with others, things happen to a person.
If you could enforce world rules/laws what would they be? I...don't know...
What do you define as cheating? Hm. I'd say the main relationship would have to be very good and the other person starts going behind their partner's back. But people tend to when certain things are not met, either emotionally or physically or even both.
Would you ever adopt? Sure, if I couldn't have some myself, but I think it's sort of a very far and last resort...I really would love to have children of my own. A very impossible thing, but it's a nice dream nonetheless. ^^
How long after you or your partner giving birth would you go back to work? Depends on the work, sadly.
What do you think the key to happiness is? Good relationships with others. Watch This Emotional Life, if you want more details.
Define what success means to you? Completing or working on something that makes you satisfied.
What is the ingredient to a healthy relationship? It takes two to tango, so it takes effort from both partners to make it a relationship. Also, communication and desire for things to work out.
Would you rather be rich or famous? Rich. I like my privacy thanks.
How would you want to become rich? Any way would be nice as long as no one dies. XD
What would you want to be famous for? Maybe for something artsy.
Would you rather be a model, actress, singer, fashion designer or author? I think an author. ^^ I haven't written in a while but I love it.
What is the most you do for charity? I do what I can right now.
What traits do you look for in a friend/partner? Intelligence, humor, and sweetness/kindness.
Do you have a "type" when it comes to someones looks? I'm partial to guys with glasses. o.o Don't know why, but I think it's sexy when they have glasses. ^^
Do you forgive easily? Yeah, pretty easily...after they apologize and show they're sorry.
What is the best revenge? Blackmail. =w= Definitely
How many sexual partners does it take to consider someone promiscuous? More than 2 or 3 in a year.
How many sexual partners have you had? One.
If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why? I don't know...I like to travel, but I also like to stay in one place and settle.
Your having a baby with the last person you KISSED, what do you do? Erm... I think get an abortion. No way in hell would we be ready for a child.
Your a single parent, do you let the other parent see the child, how often? As often as possible for the child, unless they're an asshole then never.
What period/era/time in history interests you the most? The ancient civilizations. :3 They were amazing.
If you could time travel, would you travel to the past or future? Neither, messing with time is much too risky.
You're deserted on an island, which 5 items would you take? My laptop, a swiss army knife, a water filter, a radio, and food if there are no way of procuring any.
You have 3 wishes? What are they? (no wishing for more wishes)  To take back something I did, to not be so unhealthy, and for a certain someone to have all the happiness in the world.
If you HAD to choose between your friend or your love, who would it be? My friend, because my love would still be my friend, no? Don't they say that your partner is your best friend? XP See what I did there? I cheated. =w=
You have to cook a starter, main and dessert for a stranger, what are they? Um...some random soup, something hearty, and then some ice cream? @.@
What do you do to relax? I watch shows or movies online while playing games, or i read or play games.
If you had to become a teacher, which age group/grade would you teach? I AM becoming one. XP and it'd be for high school.
Money or love? Love. Why else am I freaking out about getting a new laptop and why else am I staying home this summer instead of going to visit my grandma that I love dearly? Because I love someone very much and don't want to leave him alone though it seems like he wants it right now....
What were you labelled at school? XD I was the smart one and a ninja. Though I mostly hung out with band geeks, goth/punks, and anime freaks. :3
What do people label you now? I don't know. o.o
If you wrote a story or movie what would it be about? I don't know, whatever comes forth does. o.o
Do you prefer TV, movies or books? Books, definitely. X3 I'm a bookworm after all.
What topics interest you the most? books....and artstuff....
What would be the perfect first date? Not a fancy dinner or going to the movies, that's for sure. XD
If you could have any superpower what would it be? Telekinesis I guess. And mindreading.

Your ideal future.
What are your life ambitions? To live a peaceful life.
What would your ideal perfect career be? Doing what I love, that is art. :3
Do you want to get married? Yes, but it's just a dream right now.
If you got divorced, would you ever remarry? I don't know. I think I'd be too unstable for a while and untrusting if that happened.
Where would you ideally have your ceremony and venue/reception? No where, I don't really want a party.
What would your wedding outfit look like? Probably plain with lace around my neck to the top of the dress. I like lace, but in moderation.
What food would you serve? If there was a party, then just food anyone can eat. >.>
What entertainment would you have? Music?
What cake would you have? I don't know. ^^;
Theme or colour? I don't know.
Flowers? ....yes?
Transport? Hm, I was thinking either carriages or tricycles. XPP Of course it'd be a car, sheesh!!
Who would be your bridesmaids and what colour would they wear? Maybe Lavender.
Where would you honeymoon? I don't know...
What would you want your spouse to do for a career? Something they enjoy doing
Do you have or want children? Yes, I do want children. But again, that'd be a dream.
What would you name your children? Well, I like Emma and Solene for girls. :3 I'm not too sure about boys though.
Ideally where would you love to live? Somewhere not too hot. is good actually...or a little further north. ^^
Describe your perfect home? A simple home is good for me. A huge house scares me.
What pets would you want and what would you name them? A snake. :3 no idea for a name though.
The perfect car? A toyota for sure.
Burried or cremated, where? Cremated.
If you could plan your funeral what would you do? Um...I'd be ashes....>.>;

Your favourite:
Physical feature in other people? Eyes and smile. :3
Personality trait in other people? Understanding
physical feature on yourself? I like my eyes and my lips, though my lips are slightly crooked. DX
Personality trait you have? My logicality.
Color? Purple/Lavender
Sport? Martial Arts and Tennis.
Sport to watch on TV/live? At best, tennis...
Animal? Cats. :3 And hawks. And snakes.
Pet? My betta that died. DX
Bird? Hawks. =w= but hummingbirds are cute too. :3
Farm animal? Chickens. o.o
Arctic animal? Harp seals~<333333333333333333
TV show? The Big Bang Theory. :3
TV show genre? Comedy, for sure. X3
Reality show? Eh...
Movie? I don't know. ^^; Mostly Pixar movies though I think. :3
Movie genre? Comedy yet adventure and fantasy. :3
Disney movie? Beauty and the Beast. <33 I love it. <33
Cartoon? Tom and Jerry. :3
Cartoon character? I'd say Silvester. XD He's hilarious.
TV channel? WCCO. Erm...CBS I believe.
Magazine? National Geographic. ^^
Book? You're...asking a bookworm...this question??? *eye twitches*
Book genre? Hmm...fantasy, romance, and detective. :3
Author? Agatha Christie and J.K. Rowling.
Music genre? Much easier to name what I don't like. XP
Music artist/band? The Unguided. :3 But really, it varies.
Actor/Actress? Depp/Hathaway
Comedian? Robin Williams for sure. :3 My love, though I probably can't call him that anymore..., introduced me to George Carlin and I think he's epic. ^^
Celebrity? Ugh.
Historic figure? I don't know. ^^;
TV/movie character? No clue. @.@
Designer? H. NAOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
Flower/plant? Forget-me-nots. :3
Tree? Cherry trees
School subject? Psychology
Continent? I don't know.
Country? Again, I don't know.
US state? Minnesota. XP And I've been to about half the states
European country? I don't know. ^^; Maybe France or the UK.
Asian country? Probably Japan or Singapore. :3
City? Call me homely, but I do love Burnsville. XP
Drink? Um...tea? o.o Fruit tea. OMG i tried peach momotaro at the megamall today and I loved it. <33
Hot drink? :3 Tea
Soda? Hm...dunno, anything works. and it's pop. XP
Alcoholic drink? White wine I guess?
Milkshake flavour? Vanilla or some type of berry. XP
Food in general? I love Viet food. ^^;
Meat? Beef...or fish.
Vegetables? Asperagus. =w= though has to be cooked a certain way. DX
Fruit? Berries and dragon fruit. :3
Sandwhich filler? Anything's good really. o.o I've tried some combos that made my sisters retch. X3
Toast topping? Marmalade. =w=
Pizza topping? Peperoni, pineapples, and sausage. =w= But sausage the most.
Dessert? i don't know. o.o
Candy/Chocolate bar? Lindt Truffles. Omg...orgasm in the mouth with each one. <33
Chocolate flavour? Milk chocolate. @.@
Crisps/Chips flavour? Sour cream and onion. :3
Soup? Clam chowder is my favorite. :3
Cake? Carrot cake. :3 Pity I don't get to eat it too often. ;o;
Breakfast? Cereal? o.o; usually something like cornflakes with nuts and some fruit.
Sauce? @.@ soy?
Popcorn flavour? KETTLE CORN!!!!!!!! <3333
Ice cream? Vanilla. :3
Cuisine? Hm...I think I'll stick to Viet food or french. ^^ I'm used to those to the most
Chinese food? Disguisting and overoiled and nasty and no meat. :/
Indian food? Curry. =w=
Itallian food? Pasta is amazing. =w=
English food? Don't know. o.o
French food? Love it~<33333
Mexican food? Eh...
American food? Um....Well let's just say it's very fatty.
Favourite way to eat an egg? As an omelette (french spelling. XP) or sunny side up or slightly runny.
Favourite way to eat a potato? Hashbrowns, tots, or wedges. :3
Fast food restaurant? I'm not really into fast food much.
Restaurant? Don't really go to restaurants. o.o
Store? Barnes and Noble. =w= Bookstores~<333
Shoe store? Payless? I don't know. o.o I usually only shop for shoes there.
Accesories/jewellery store? Beadniks? Does that count? @.@ I like making my own.
Underwear store? I get mine at Kohls. XP
Grocery store? Cub Foods. :3
Hair salon? I cut my own hair nowadays. XP
Beauty salon? No. Just no.
Item of clothing? My black cargo pants. :3 Guy pants are so sturdy. o.o
Shoes you own? My airwalks? o.o I only have one pair of shoes.
Jewellery? Rings and Necklaces. Bracelets I rarely get so I don't know about those. o.o
Makeup item? does lotion count? XP
Beauty product? See above. XP
Shampoo? Any shampoo that doesn't kill my hair. XP
TV character wardrobe? ........wha???
Hobby to do indoors? Drawing, reading, gaming, making chainmaille, crocheting and knitting
Hobby to do outdoors? Walking around I guess? o.o
Electrical object? Sorry I don't own a vibrator. XP My favorite electrical object would be my laptop when I get a new one
Games console? My DSi. I love it~<3
Video game? The 'Tales of ....' series, the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts, and the Golden Sun series. :3
Computer game? Plants vs Zombies. :3
Board game? Monopoly? o.o
Childhood game? Candyland. X3
Musical instrument? Flute and Piccolo mainly.
Baby names? Emma and Solene. :3
Car? Toyota Celica. =w=
Truck? Not really into trucks.
Method of transport? O.o on wheels?
Season? I love spring, not too hot, not too cold.
Month? I don't know. o.o
Holiday? Halloween? X3
Weather? When it's cool. @.@
Day of the week? Friday? or Saturday.
Planet? Pluto. Dammit man, it's still a planet for me. D<
Quote? "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." ~J.K. Rowling

Final importances
If you had to give the whole world, one piece of advice it would be? Live each day and each moment as fully as you can. Plan for the future always and you'll forget to enjoy the present. It wouldn't be living now, would it?
What is your quote? Um....I guess "at least it could be worse". XDDD I say that a lot.
How do you want to be percieved by the world? As myself. I am who I am, I can't change that nor do I want to. I am me.

Well, hope you all had fun with this one. :3 
It was a blast, though it took me hours. XD; My fingers need a break. 

Well, good night all and we'll see if I update tomorrow. ^^;

Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 27

Huh, it's been a few days hasn't it? ^^;

Well, reasoning can be done in one word: finals.

I've got one more tomorrow and unfortunately it's cumulative. :/ My an ass. An epic nerd, but still an ass. :/ I might just do that too when i become a teacher. XDD
the only problem is that he didn't put up a review. X___X that would help so much...

Anyway, i'm being attacked by my allergies. Unfortunately, it's only at night as well. :/ Right before I go to bed, so i usually end up with an allergy attack as i try to settle down. It sucks ass too. :/

But yeah, i think it's best to go back to studying though I don't want to. ugh...why can't it be open notes? DX

so yeah...with other things as well, this hasn't been a good day...and usually my friday the 13ths are always good.....

oh well...maybe next time....
I had a topic to talk about, but I've forgotten. XD


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 22

Not too much today, just more studying and such.
It was raining today actually. o.o

But yeah, much too busy to type up a good blog post. ^^;

Got finals tomorrow, so wish me luck. :3 I might not be blogging much over the week sadly. :/


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 21

That ice cream is soooo good~<333 This is the only way I would like cotton candy it seems. XD I can eat cotton candy, but I can only take so much. ^^;

In any case, today's been nice, but we had all the windows closed in the house that it was pure torture. X___X Anyone that knows me knows I hate the heat....
Why did we have the windows closed? Well, my little sisters are already suffering from allergies. ^^; I didn't want to be mean and open the windows, but a person can only take so much. X___X

Anyway, today's been slow and nice. ^^ I've been trying to study for my child psych final, but since it's so nice about distracting. XD haha....

Well, not much else to report today....It's nice and sunny with clouds scattering across the sky and there's a nice cool breeze. :3 The puppy was cute too when I took him outside. ^^ He loved it.

Tomorrow's going to be hectic, but oh well. ^^; Can't help but enjoy today. :3


Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 20

Well, my sister and I went to Best Buy today to see if they can figure out what's wrong with her laptop. Apparently it really was the screen, but they're sending it in to their service place to see what's exactly wrong. ^^ at least it was still under warranty so it's all right. :3

So, today is a study day. I just organized all my notes and am beginning to read the chapters I need for my Child Psychology course. (textbook is above. ^^ along with my hand. I was saving the page I was on. ^^; )
Hopefully I can tackle this in one day or two and then tackle my Perception and Sensation textbook next. X___X ack...too much stuff....

In any case, that's pretty much all I did today. ^^;
Sorry today's is short too, but I'm exhausted. X___X

Oh yeah, apparently a lot of people like my new hairdo. X3 hehe
Makes me happy. :3


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 19

Today's a good day actually. :3 Minus various problems like my little sister's laptop (above) and banging my knee again and narrowly missing sudden showers.

Ok, about my sister's's an HP Pavillion dv4  and the screen is BLACK. We've tried everything that wouldn't void a warrenty. X___X
We're going to take it into Best Buy tomorrow.... hopefully it's nothing too bad, but we'll have to see. DX

Anyway, i'm going to go get something to eat, i'm starving. DX
I went straight down to the basement to try and fix the laptop when I got home too. X___X

So...yeah....hope we can get it fixed....otherwise... well...she wants a newer laptop. >.>


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 18

Well, I decided to skip today, so I've been home all day just resting my mind.
I've started working on my Swedish homework though, so hopefully I can finish that quickly. I'm also debating on whether or not I should go to my last abnormal psych class. It's sort of pointless now after having the final for that class...

In any case, I've finished the ring. :3 Here's the final design. ^^

Simple, elegant, and lovely. :3 All the things I love. ^^ for the gem in the center...I think anything could work...I think a Garnet would look amazing if the band is silver. :3 Unfortunately, I don't think fluorite's molecular make-up doesn't allow it to be anything but cubic, so that's a no-go. :/ Makes me sad...but maybe an aquamarine is possible.... hm....yeah, garnet or aquamarine works. :3 Hm...a clear one....well, you know, not cloudy looking...
I wonder if i can just make it myself. XD Probably not since I don't have the knowledge of how nor the materials. D: least it's just a dream ring...I most likely won't get it in metal form, so the paper one's enough for me. ^^
I should color it.... >.>; would help explain what I was rambling about there.

Well, time for me to start my homework. :/


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 17

Coach shoes... yeah... that is the worst decision that girl made. :/ I mean, you can't WEAR them unless it's nice as it was today. :/ By the gods....

But on the other hand, I finally drew the ring I think I'd love to have custom made as an engagement ring. *0*

It's still not good enough, but I'll be fixing it for the next few days. ^^ I do like  my rings flat though, so it might not be too much of an alteration. ^^ excuse to draw....but I like the results. >w<

In any case, I finished an exam today and it was all right.... I'm drained from staying up late and waking up early to I sure hope I damn well passed. :/

Well, I'm going to shower and hit the hay.... Hoping my teeth don't whine all night too. :/ hate going to the dentist's....and i need to get a new filling too....
But, i'm skipping tomorrow, so yay for that. ^^