Friday, July 6, 2012

Crafty, crafty fun~

Whew! I've been going mad with commissions. :3 I'm pretty pleased with all the success so far, but I need time. >.<; I've got so many orders to finish, it's near insanity trying to finish them along with getting ready for a midterm. I think it was somewhat of a bad idea to take summer courses instead of going to canada with my parents. At least I would've been able to finish all these commissions faster if I did that. XD Oh well, I'm glad all of my customers are so patient. :3

Anyway, back to crafty stuff, I'm pleased with the new duckie I made this week. He's so adorable~

For some odd reason though, the picture on dA wouldn't go through so I had to save the watermarked copy. ^^;

Oh well. :3 In any case, this is cute little Piyo! X3 I'm excited to make more of him in different outfits. :3
It'll have to wait till after my midterm and paper sadly. :/ I was looking forward to being creative this weekend. Guess it'll have to be with words and memorization.

Well, that's it for now, so I"ll be around more often hopefully. XD;
I should organize this blog more or something...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A lil cave~

As promised, though took a while longer again, here's the pic of his cave. :3

Sadly, I couldn't get the image from dA to work on here. :/

In any case, it's finals time, so I've got two more finals till my very short summer break. >.< And then it's summer classes. Bleah... I think I may be trying to kill myself secretively. >.<

Well, that's about it as an update really. Been so tired due to school and stresses and whatnot...
Oh! Forgot to mention I started weight training! :D I feel more fit than before, though I just started. XD Might be all in my head though. haha

Well, peace out everyone~ <3

PS: I gave up posting what day in the title. X___X It's just a little silly now.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 292

Whoo boy is this entry overdue. ^^; Over a hundred days since the last one.
School and things and my laziness just ate up all the time I could use to post an entry.
This one will be short, but that will be all right. It's past 11pm here, so I really should mosey on to bed in a few.

Henri is a lot better. :3 It turns out that the injuries were from his old plant and his darting around when startled as he slept (probably nightmare too, the poor thing. :( ).
He's loving the current as well and his new cave I got him for X-mas. :3 I'll post a picture in the next post when I'm more awake. ^^;

I've been a busy bee too, drawing and crocheting and knitting left and right. XD

Well, I'm nodding off right now, so it's bedtime. See you all around. :3

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 190

Oh man, it's been 81 days.... X___X Well let's hope there won't be a repeat.

In any case, this post will be about my little betta. He seems to have something like fin rot I think, but I'm not sure. Here are the pictures of him (it's so hard taking pictures of the little guy):

So, you can see his tailfin. D: It used to be so lovely. ;o; I'm trying aquarium salt at the moment, and he seems to be all right with it, though maybe I should go with a lighter dose next time to see if that is still ok.

But ever since I got the new heater and filter, he's been hanging around them a lot. o.o

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 109

Well things have been pretty eventful. To the point I forgot all about this blog D:
My uncle just finished moving, my relatives are taking turns keeping me company, and I've been dragged all over mn. XD
I've also been experimenting with food. They all have been successful luckily. The latest is te one pictured xD it's ok, I was missing some things like the sauce but it was still tasty an I'm so full. XD my uncle brought me to a place called falafel king and now I must say I am in love with the dish xD

Anyway, I'm going to go clean up the mess I made.


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